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Consumer Product Safety Commission
The Safe Nursery
A booklet to help avoid injuries from nursery furniture and equipment

CPSC Publication #202
NOTE: This is a text version of "The Safe Nursery".
A copy with graphics and illustrations, is available here in PDF format.

Contents Section


Major Hazards

  1. Cribs/Crib Toys
  2. Bathing Aids, Buckets & Pails
  3. Gates & Enclosures
  4. High Chairs
  5. Play Pens
  6. Rattles/Squeeze Toys/Teethers
  7. Toy Chests
  8. Walkers

Other Hazards

  1. Back Carriers
  2. Bassinets & Cradles
  3. Carrier Seats
  4. Hook-on Chairs
  5. Changing Tables
  6. Pacifiers
  7. Strollers & Carriages

General Household Tips

Safe Nursery Checklist



A is for Awareness . . . of parents and caretakers about potential hazards in the child's environment, including nursery products.

B is for Baby.

C is for Caution . . . in selecting and maintaining products for the child's environment, including nursery products.

S is for Safety . . . the sum of the A B C's.

From the beginning of a child's life, products intended for a child must be selected with safety in mind. Parents and caretakers of babies and young children need to be aware of many potential hazards in the child's environment hazards from incorrect use of products or with products not well designed for their intended purpose. The Consumer Product Safety Commission hopes this booklet, with its selected safety hints, will be your ABC primer helping you buy nursery products, using them, keeping them in good repair, and properly disposing of a product if it becomes a hazard. The Commission has several ways to keep you informed. The Commission publishes Safety Alerts and recall notices, has a Hotline service (1-800-638-2772, TTY: 1-800-638-8270) and has a Website page ( CPSC can also send you information for hosting a Baby Safety Shower, a great way to inform new parents how to protect their babies from harm in their own homes.



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