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Candlelight Home Dinners

by Alyice Edrich

Recipes are sent in by visitors, and gathered from the Cooking and Recipes message board
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Have you ever dreamed of eating in a fancy restaurant, while wearing elegant clothes, and listening to soft, romantic music? What's stopping you? Is it the money? Or the area you live in? Don't let finances or the lack of an upscale restaurant ruin your dream. Take charge today. Turn your kitchen into a one-time candlelight dinner experience with these simple steps:

1. Find a babysitter. Find sleepovers for each one of your kids. Candlelight dinners just aren't the same when you have children running amuck.

2. Soft, romantic music. Do you know someone who can play the violin? Hire (or barter) his/her services for the evening. Don't know anyone or can't afford to hire someone? Play a tape. If you don't have any soft, instrumental music, turn on the radio and record some. Then place a small tape player under your kitchen table, turn it down low, and let the music set the mood.

3. Prepare a fancy meal. If you can't cook, order a meal you would not normally eat, at home, and have it delivered. Is there a meal you have always wanted to make? Something that looked a bit hard, but is really fancy and perfect for a special night? Practice making that meal before your candlelight dinner—so that you're sure to get it just right. On the night of your candlelight dinner, prepare your food in advance, so that you are not getting up during the meal. The idea is to spend your time concentrating on the partner across the table.

4. Set the table. When setting the table, choose a solid white sheet as the base, then a smaller, dark cloth to place diagonally across the table. Put your best dishes and silverware out. If you don't have any chip-free dishes, buy some cheap ones! If you're married, pull out the wine glasses you used at your wedding. If you aren't married, buy a set of wine glasses and have them etched with the evening's theme in mind. What is your partner's favorite scent? If it's not too overpowering, purchase that in a scented candle, and place it in the middle of the table.

5. Hire a waiter. If you really want to have the feel of being in a restaurant, find a teen to serve your meal, refill your wine glasses, and offer you dessert, such as Chocolate Strawberry Euphoria.

6. Take away distractions. One of the hardest things about keeping with a romantic theme is all the distractions that can take place, such as realizing one is still in his/her own kitchen. To help transform the evening, hang a nice black sheet over your kitchen cabinets, sink and stove area, and any busy walls.

7. Dress elegantly. Does your significant other own an elegant black ensemble? Ask him/her to wear it. If he/she doesn't own such attire, surprise him/her with a nice pre-evening gift! In other words, go out and buy something really elegant and nice, then deliver it to your significant other a few days before the big evening, with a note asking him/her to wear that outfit on your "date."

8. Consider a theme. Another idea to make your evening more fun and festive is to turn your evening into a theme. Is there a place you've always dreamed of vacationing, but have never had the time or money to go? Say, Venice, Italy? (

9. Relax, have fun, and enjoy. Don't talk about politics, religion, kids, finances, health, or other problems. Take a deep breathe, remember what it's like to be on a first date, and just enjoy being in the presence of your significant other.

©Alyice Edrich 2003

  About the author:
Alyice Edrich is the author of several work-from-home e-books, including one that allows parents to earn $50 in two hours, without joining an MLM, or home party business. She is also the editor of The Dabbling, – an online magazine for BUSY parents.


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