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Flowers? Candy? Jewellery? Romantic dinner for two? Does this sound like something from a movie? Before you had children, it was so much easier to plan a romantic evening. But donít dismay, here are some tips to get back on track and falling in love all over again!

If you can get a sitter for the evening, do it! If you have family or friends who would be willing to look after your children, ask! The worst they can say is that they canít.

Donít limit yourself to Valentineís Day. Pick an anniversary or the 3rd Friday of every second month or even next wednesday. Whatever you can fit into your schedule.

Pick a quiet location. Maybe dinner for two in a corner booth at a small restaurant, or pack a picnic and head out to the park.

If a sitter is out, then try to make plans for after the children are in bed. Call for take out and have it delivered. Have the table set with two place settings, flowers and a candle or two for ambiance.

Romance doesnít have to include food. You can do something you both like to do and make your own romance. Go skating or for a long stroll in the park.

If going out and planning things isnít your style, you can do little things that mean so much. Tuck a love note in a lunch bag or on the passenger seat of the car when you know your loved one will be going out. Send flowers to work, send a card in the mail or call them on the phone just to say "I Love You".

Gifts donít have to be expensive to say "I Love You". Make heart shaped cookies, or buy that book theyíve been wanting. Make pancakes on Saturday morning or make a collage of photos of just the two of you.

Put away those flannel jammers for the night, and lose those boxers. Looking sexy and feeling romantic go hand in hand! Itís time to dust of the silk sheets!

Whatever you decide to do, you know your partner the best. Do something that you both will enjoy and will let your partner know that you love them.

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