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ray ban sunglasses outlet sale 2016 'gorgeous Festival' Beijing 11.18: gorgeous Chi Global Fashion Investment Forum InnoBrand 2016 gorgeous set of brand innovation contest finals coffee coffee parent company in 2015 the profitability of the 'gorgeous' Growth of 12%, continue to expand the UK and overseas markets Costa's parent company performance is brilliant, the future is facing the test of the international chain of coffee in China's development status inventory In October, Hermes opened the company's first history of pop-up store, the Chinese are usually called 'flash shop', the location is the United States Seattle Nordstrom department store inside. Pop-up store this belongs to those tide brand, sports brand. In the shopping center atrium to take a small shop, you can go in all directions, the young boys and girls enthusiastically encourage you to go, play a game they play a variety of interactive games. Focusing on experience, promotion, not for sale. Sounds, and Hermes in the past is not the same style. 1. Hermes's activities discount ray ban sunglasses

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ray ban outlet do not even choose luxury goods department store Nordstrom, a position as 'fashion' rather than 'luxury' department store, the Chinese people are very strange. Because they did not like Neiman Marcus did try to enter China, not like Macy's as everywhere in the United States Department Store. The department store's website even shielded the ip from China, will not let you online shopping in China, baffling. I did not visit, but a friend living in the United States for many years surprised, she believes that Hermes and the choice should be clearly Saks, Nordstrom she felt to be the United States Aunt to the place. The pop-up store is designed to be open, bright and lively, with small items, ties, scarves, jewelry, and so on, from October 2016 to the end of 2017. Colorful scarf is the highlight, they are the whole open, fully show the pattern, so you just touch, rather than as usual, rolled into a ball, hidden in the glass below. Hermes jewelry, tie what is also linked to the outside, almost like a supermarket. ray ban sunglasses outlet store

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cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet Small pieces of Hermes Twilly scarves sold for only $ 160 a. The entire price range is about $ 160 to $ 400. Seattle local media said that the Pop-up store exudes selling Meng, the temptation of temperament, 'Come forward to touch my scarf, please enjoy taking pictures, sent to the Instagram top!' Previously, Hermes Barneys selling cutlery, Saks and Bergdorf Goodman sells perfume. In short, in a distinctive local characteristics of the United States, not very high-end department stores, Hermes in the play? We are familiar with the Hermes shops, usually open in the affluent, important city, the most distinguished location. Wearing white gloves in the black clerk at the door, dark lights, looks unpredictable. Nordstrom's marketing department said that in order to convince Hermes, they stressed that their customers not only have 40,50-year-old aunt, there are many young people, really young, very fond of fashion. Hermes is a beginning to refuse, but after a while even agreed. 2. Once GuoJingMing dare not ray ban sunglasses factory outlet

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