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October 2, 2022

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Great photos of our Babies and Preschoolers are what these contests are all about!

(Questions that refer to either baby or preschool contest will be marked, all other questions pertain to both contests.)

What are the prizes?
The prizes are listed on the contest voting pages. These prizes are for the current contest, and may change from contest to contest.

May we enter more than one picture?
Only one picture per child will be run in contest rotation. The rotation is currently 5 weeks. Please wait until your child's first photo has been used in the contest before you send in another.

I haven't seen my photo up on the contest page yet. When will it be up?
Photos are used in the contest in the same order they are received. So, if we have enough photos for 7 rounds when we receive yours, it would be awhile before your photo appears in the contest. Also, if we email you at the email address you submitted with your photo and it is returned, your photo will not appear in the contest. Please be sure that your email address is correct when submitting a photo.

Do you let the parents know when their child's photo is in the running?
You will receive an email at the address you supplied prior to your photo appearing in the contest.

I voted once yesterday afternoon and just came back to vote this morning and it says I have already voted for today. Do you have any help for me?
You are allowed one vote, per computer, once in a 24 hour period.

What is the smallest size of photo that I can send in?
You may send in any size photo (maximum 60K), but we do resize the images as needed to between 150 and 200 pixels. We will still use smaller images, but keep in mind that your imagine would probably be smaller than the rest.

Our email address has been changed since I first submitted my child's picture for your contest. How do I make this correction for your records?
Send an email to us with your old email address, your new email address and the name of the child in the photo.

Can we tell who is in the lead and how many votes they have received or do we have to wait until the contest is all over before knowing that information?
We don't publish the contest results, we only announce the winner(s). This is done for two reasons. First, they space between the amount of votes for the photos can be very great and we don't want a parent to feel bad if their child is far behind. All the babies are gorgeous! Secondly, we want this contest to be unquestionably fair. We use cookies to deter multiple votes, but cookies are not infallible, so all votes are double checked for possible instances of daily multiple voting by the same person. This would not disqualify the contestant, but those votes are removed from the total.

"Any contestants found spamming to obtain votes will be disqualified from the contest."
I read this in the rules, does this mean I can't tell my friends about the contest?
We welcome you to invite your friends to visit the contest and vote. Spamming would be if you were emailing people that you didn't know or posting messages on message boards, to come and vote for your entry.

My question still isn't answered...

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