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Welcome to our cook book.

Recipes are sent in by visitors, and gathered from the Cooking and Recipes message board
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Disclaimer: The recipes found here are submitted by our visitors. If there is any copyright on the recipes, please inform webmaster
and copyright information will be added, or the recipe removed at your request.

This makes a festive addition to a holiday table or a fantastic gift for someone on your gift giving list!

Olive-infused olive oil

Fill a beautiful jar half full of olives and cover them with an average
extra-virgin olive oil. The olives flavor the oil, and the oil in turn preserves the olives, which you can scoop out as you need them to serve as an hors d'oeuvre or to flavor pizza, pastas, stews and sauces. To flavor the oil and olives, you can also add a peeled garlic clove, 2 or 3 strips of lemon or orange zest, rosemary or thyme sprigs or fennel seeds.

Submitted by: Stephanie Burgett
Prairie Winds Candle N Bath

Chocolate Bowls

My kids love these!

Materials needed:
Small round balloons
two or three different colors of semi-sweet baking chocolate
Wax paper
baking pan

Blow up several small round balloons, wash them and set them aside. Using two or three different colors of semi-sweet baking chocolate, melt small blocks of the chocolate (two at a time) in the microwave or on the stove following the directions on the package. Spread the chocolate out on wax paper in two or three lines that are about 2 inches wide and very close together. You want the colors to look like stripes next to one another.
Using the balloons, roll the bottom of each balloon in the chocolate rolling only halfway up the balloon making a chocolate bowl. Make sure the chocolate is thickly layered on the balloon as you will be using these bowls to serve a dessert in.
Place the chocolate covered balloons on the baking sheet and into the fridge until just before you are ready to use them.

To Use:
Remove the balloons from the fridge and using a pair of scissors,  carefully cut the top of each of the balloons to remove the air and then remove all the balloon fragments from the bowl, you are now ready to serve your favorite dessert in your chocolate bowls!


Submitted by: Heidi

Heidi Bowen
Editor/Publisher Blankee Bulletin
Owner/Designer Blankee by Heidi
~Because Every Baby Needs A Blankee!~



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