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What Kids Really Want that Money Can't Buy
by Betsy Taylor
Book Description
"...Betsy Taylor's advice ranges from simple, everyday things parents can do to more sophisticated approaches, such as teaching media literacy and financial skills to their children to fight this problem."

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The Yale Child Study Center Guide to Understanding Your Child: Healthy Development from Birth to Adolescence
by Linda C. Md. Mayes, Donald J., Md. Cohen

Hardcover - 624 pages 1 Ed edition (March 2002)
Little Brown & Company

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I was a little overwhelmed when I first picked up this book, it's definitely not a skinny little child information guide. Once I sat down and began to delve into it, I found it to be well organized, quite informative and very honest.
This guide is a wonderful resource from preparing for parenthood, bringing the baby home, to schooling and life skills. A non-discriminatory book, it appeals to all types of parenting choices. The guide on schools covers choosing the type of school, to home schooling as an option.
I found that the word 'guide' was quite appropriate, as the advice and information actually guides you to make your choices in opposition to a book that tells you how to choose.
A great book to teach and guide you in making choices in your child's life that will direct his happiness, well being and health.
I would suggest that every parent have this book to turn to when questions arise during parenthood.