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Our Baby Name List for Siblings and Multiples

Here are a few suggestions grouped by meanings and sounds. Feel free to submit your suggestions for names that "go" together with the form near the bottom of the page, we could feature them here!

Common meanings

Amber, Ruby, Gemma

Darlene, Darla, David, Darryl
dear loved one

Evan, Jane, John, Jean, Joanne, Ian, Shane
God is gracious
Evan, John, Sean, Joanna, Joanne, Zane, Ian, Shona, Shane, Jane, Joan, Siobhan
additional names submitted by Joanna.

Andrew, Charles
manly or masculine

Achen, Thomas
a twin

Alan, Alana

Heather, Hadley
field of Heather

Michaela, Michelle, Michael
'Who is like God?'

Robert, Clarence
bright or bright fame

Gabriel, Gabrielle - Hero of God
Angelica - messenger of God

Larissa, Hilary

Marina, Marissa
from the sea

Common sounds

Timothy - honoring god
Kimberley - royal fortress meadow
James - one who supplants
Shortened names can become Tim, Kim and Jim

Kaitlyn - pure
Nathan, Nathaniel - gift of God
Shortened names can become Kate and Nate

Andrew - manly
Andrea - brave, elegant
Amanda - worthy of love
Candace - brilliantly white
Randall - wolf counsellor
Shortened names can become Andy, Mandy, Candy and Randy

Madison - son of the brave soldier
Adeline - noble
Shortened names can become Maddy and Addy

Kenneth - handsome
Benjamin - son of the right hand
Jennifer - white wave, smooth
Leonard - bold lion
Shortened names can become Ken, Ben, Jenn and Len

Barrett - bear strength
Carissa - loving
Laurence - courageous
Harold - army power
Marina - of the sea
Jeremy - appointed by God
Terrence - gracious
Teresa - harvester
Shortened names can become Barry, Carrie, Larry, Harry, Mary, Jerry and Terry

Cheyenne - red people
Tyler -
maker of tiles
Shortened names can become Chy and Ty
Submitted by Laurie

Jenee - var of Jennifer, white wave, smooth
- Grace of God
Submitted by Bianca

Zoe - Free spirit, life
Joey - God will increase
Submitted by Kayley

Donald, Dianne, Deneen, David, Dolores, Darla, Dean, Duane, Dale, Dee
These are the names of my 10 aunts & uncles--all starting with D. My grandparents wanted "The Ten Dees".
Submitted by Charlene

Nicole - bright
Nicolai - famous
Shortened names can become Nikki and Nick
Submitted by Delilah

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