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When choosing  a name for your child, remember that this name will be with him for his whole life. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when going through your list of names and trying to decide which to choose.

Say it out loud
Does it sound nice? Does it fit together. Is it hard to say? Does it twist your tongue? These are all a great beginning to help rule out or include some names on your list. Use the shortened version of the name too. Does 'Tony' sound as good as 'Anthony' with your last name?

Traditional, Trendy or Unique
This is a matter of personal preference. Traditional names are making a comeback. In 2000 Michael, Jacob and Matthew were the top three boys names and Hannah and Emily were the top two for the girls. As beautiful as a name might be, would your child get confused in a class with four children who all have the same name? Unique can be wonderful, but would he really want kids calling him a name they can't even sound out?

What does it mean?
What a name means can play a big part in choosing a name. Do you research, there are many places on the net where you can search name meanings as well as many great books. Some names have meanings that can tell a beautiful story. Megan Arielle, means "pearl" and "of the water".

Sometimes naming a child after a relative or a friend can make things a whole lot easier. You can start with a list of family and friends names, cross off the names you don't really care for and work with the rest. If you would like to choose a name to honor a relative or friend, and the name isn't really something that you had in mind, try using a derivative of that name. Auntie Ricarda, could be honored by using Richelle or Richella.

Tradition and Heritage
Choosing a name from religion or your ancestry can make for a beautiful place to start. Speak with older family members who may know more about your family's history and you may find names that you just love.

Possible Nicknames
You'll never stop some kids from being mean, but avoid the obvious and make it harder for them to come up with something hurtful.

What are the Initials?
Write the full name initials down. Do one wants initials that spell out DIP! No matter how great Daniel Isaiah Proctor sounds...

I hope that some of this tips have helped you in your quest for that perfect name for your baby. Everyone is unique and your baby name will be a reflection of your taste and preferences.

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