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Girl Names A-J

Abigail (Hebrew) - exalted Father also: Abby, Abbey
Acacia - thorny bush
Acea - little warrior girl
Aine (Celtic) - joy
Ainslee - my own meadow
Aislin (Irish/Gaelic) - Vision also: Azlyn
Aiyana (Native American) - Eternal Bloom or Forever Flowering
Alexa - It is a variant of Alexandra and it means "man's defender", or "noble".
Alicia - noble
Alixandria - Defender of mankind; Comes from the male name Alexander
Aliyah - rising
Aleen (Dutch) - loving, good looking
Alita - noble
Alka (Indian origin) - Girl with beautiful long hair
Allison - kind
Alliyah - highly exalted, to ascend
Allora (Aboriginal) - swampy place
Allycea - from Allison(kind) and Alicia(noble) *a-lee-see-a*
Alondra - well loved or well known
Alyson (Irish)- truth & noble
Alyssa - of good cheer, noble
Alyta - winged one
Amanda - Worthy of Love, loveable
Amariah (Biblical, Hebrew) -  the one whom God has promised, originally a male name
Amarissa - follower of God
Americus - Strongly believes in others and itself. Also: Latin form of Amerigo (form of Henry, home ruler)
Amy (English) - beloved one
Anastasia (Greek) - Resurrection
Andrea (Italian) - daughter of man
Angel - God's messenger
Angela - God's messenger
Angelina - God's messenger
Anissa - understanding
Ann - graceful
Anna (Hebrew) - gracious
Annaliese (German) - common form of Ann, grace and Lise, pledged to God Also: Annalise, Annalisa
Aparna - goddess Parvati
Araviana - original
Ariana - A beautiful melody or very Holy one
Arielle - of the water, lioness of God
Ariene (Welsh) - silvery
Arminda - the protector
Ashanti - powerful empire on the west coast of Africa
Ashley (Old English) - From the ash tree meadow, var. Ashleigh
Ashlynn - Ash, by the ash tree meadow and Lynn, by the waterfall
Athena (Greek) The goddess of wisdom in Greek Mythology. also: Athyna, Athene
Audrey - noble strength
Audrina - dim. Audrey
Aurora (Latin) - Dawn
Autumn - Harvest; beauty
Bailey - Steward or bailiff
Beatrice - Bringer of joy
Becky (Hebrew) - The ensnarer; from Rebecca
Belle (French) - Beautiful
Betty - var of Elizabeth, pledged to God
Beverley,Beverly - by the meadow of beavers
Bianca (Teutonic-Latin) - White; fair
Braylynn - possibly wide valley(Bradon) and waterfall or cascade(Lynn)
Brenna (Irish Gaelic) - Variant of Brenda meaning "Beacon on the hill" or "dark-haired". A feminine form of Brenden.
Briana (Celtic) - The strong
Brietta (Celtic, Old English) - Strong
Brinleigh (English) - tawny also: Brinley
Bronwen, Bronwyn, Bronwynn (Welsh) - white, pure of heart
Brooke - The Brook
Brooklyn - dev. fm Brooke - possibly Brooke and Lyn, The brook and by the waterfall
Brynn (Celtic) - hill or mound- also feminine of Bryan meaning strong
Caitlin - pure
Cameron - crooked nose
Candice - glittering, flowing white, white fire. The name and title of the ancient queens of ethiopia.
Cara (Celtic) - Friend
Cari (Turkish) - Flowing like water
Carin - dear little one
Carissa (Greek) - beloved
Carolyn (Teutonic) - Noble-spirited
Carrie (Teutonic) - Noble-spirited
Carrigan (Celtic) - Black
Caryn - Pure, from Catherine also Karen, Karin
Cary, Carey (Celtic) - Dark of hair or complexion
Casey (Gaelic) - Brave
Cassandra - messenger of truth
Cassie (Greek) - Pure
Catherine, Cathrine (Greek) - Pure
Cecilia (Irish) - Blind
Chanda (Sanskrit) - The great goddess
Chandan (Hindi) - sandal wood that smells very nice and is used in lots of cosmetics.
Chandni - moonlight
Chanelle (English) - Channel
Chanekah - from Chantique(possibly to sing) and Myekah(possibly humble)
Chantal (French) - song, or from family name meaning stone
Cheryl - Beloved
Cheyenne (American Indian) - Name of Algonquin tribe, red people
Chloe (Greek) - blooming, flowering
Chris (English) - follower of Christ, dim of Christopher or Christine
Chrislynn - beauty
Cierra (Spanish) - saw
Claire (French) - clear
Clarissa - clear, bright, famous
Claudia (Latin) - Lame
Colleen (French-Latin) - girl
Cooper - barrel maker
Corine - a maiden
Courtney (English)- court dweller
Cynthia (Greek) - From Mount Kynthos
Cyntina - alternative to Cynthia
Dai (Japanese) - great
Daisha (Spanish) - love star
Daisy - bright flower
Dakotah, Dakota (American Indian) - friend
Dalila (Egyptian) - gentle girl
Danica (Danish) - Morning Star
Danielle (Hebrew) - God is my judge
Dara (Possibly Celtic or Hebrew) - Compassionate
Daria, Darian (Greek or Persian) - Rich, wealthy, queenly
Dawnell - morning sun
Deja (French) - Already
Denae - In Greek myth DanaŽ was a princess of Argos and the mother of Perseus by Zeus, who came to her in the form of a shower of gold. In Hebrew, God is my judge.
Desiree - to watch with desire
Destiny - one's fate
Devin (Irish-Gaelic) - Poet
Dreama - Heavenly Guidance, joyous music
Drew - masculine
Dulcie (Latin) - sweet
Eglantine - It's the name of a flower generally, these girls are very nice and very funny. Wild Rose
Elaine - Light
Eliesha (latin) - exalted nature; from Alice
Elizabeth (Hebrew) - pledged to God, My God is bountiful, God is plenty, God's Oath
Ellen - light
Elouise - renowned in battle
Emeri - industrious leader
Emlyn (Welsh) - sacred
Emily (Old German) - Industrious
(Latin) - Flatterer
Emma - God of light
Erika, Erica (Scandinavian) - ever-strong
Estelle - star
Evanle - From Evan, var John, God is gracious; and Lee, meadow
Faith (Teutonic) - Sure reliance
Faren (English) - Adventurous or from Karen, beautiful, pure
Faucet (German) - drippy or dishonest
Felisha - Lucky also: Felicia
Fern (English) - From the plant
Gabriella - God's angel
Gemma (Irish, Italian)- precious stone
Giovianna (Italian) - fem. of John, God is gracious; var. Giovanna
Grace (Engish) - God's blessing
Gracie - Grace
Hailey (Old English) - hay clearing var. Hailee, Haley
Hana (Arabic) - joy, happiness
Hannah, Hanna - Grace
Hannelore (German) - gracious
Heather (Scottish) - Purple, blue, white, etc. colored flowers
Helena (Greek) - From the greek Helios, sun. var. of Helen
Hermanda - Made up from Sandra, defender of mankind and Herman, army man
Holly - Holly berry bush, Holley carburetor, beautiful and strong.
Hong - flower, rose
Hope (British) - hope
Ibrahim - the Qur'anic form of the biblical name Abraham
Iman - beautiful
Indiana - from the state of Indiana, or perhaps from the Sanskrit name 'India' meaning river
Iris (Greek) - The rainbow
Isabel (Spanish) - devoted to God
Isabella (Spanish) - devoted to God
Jade (Russian) - The stone
Jamie - Feminine form of James
Jai-Dene - Jai, meaning victorious (Sanscrit) and Dene, meaning Valley or "chief of ten" (English)
Jaime, Jaimie (French) - I love
Janel (Gaelic) - Darling Jane
Janessa - From Jennifer (white wave) and Vanessa (butterfly)
Jasmine, Jasmyn (Persian) - Fragrant flower
Jayden - God has heard
Jaydene - God has heard
Jazmin - a flower
Jean - God is gracious
Jeanelle (English) - loveable, like an angel from Heaven or Jehovah has been gracious
Jenan, Jinan (Arabic) - heaven, paradise
Jennalee - variant of Jennifer(white wave), Lee(plum)
Jennifer - white wave, smooth
Jesse - Grace of God
Jessica (Hebrew) - Wealthy, var Jeska
Jessie (Gaelic) - My present
Jetlyn - of the color black
Jishin - a beautiful Korean girl, Japanese meaning earthquake
Jo - possibly from Joanne (God is Gracious)
Joan (Hebrew) - God's gracious gift
Jody/Jodi - God will increase
Jonah - Peace
Josfina (Hebrew) - Jehovah increases (dim. Josephine)
Jyaschree (European Indian) - victory, var. Jayashree

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