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September 29, 2023

Baby's middle of the night feeding

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Our Two a.m. Time

It's two a.m. and I wake to my baby's cry. I slide out of bed and reach in to lift him from the crib. The house is silent and the lights are dim. I hit play on the stereo as I walk by and my favorite lullabies begin to play. I settle down in the rocker and snuggle my baby tightly to me, as he frantically searches for the nipple.

I hear him grunt as he latches on and begins to suck. The music is so low that I can barely hear it, but that's ok, I know every word by heart. I feel his quick, little heartbeat as he cuddles into me. I place my hand gently on his back and feel each swallow.

I know that when most folks think of those middle of the night feedings, the first words that come to mind are: tired, tired and sleepy... But, I love them. This is our time alone, when it's just me and my baby snuggling close with no other purpose than to fill a belly and bond.

He lets go and I place him up on my shoulder and gently pat his back. He lets out a burp and I know that our time is up. I gently place him back in the crib, run my hand over his head and pull the blankets over his precious little body.

As I crawl back into bed, I drift off to sleep with the smell of baby in my mind...


  • Keep movements quiet and slow. If you get excited, so will he.

  • Try not to make eye contact with her if she opens her eyes. This will usually make her wake more.

  • Have nightlights where you will need to walk so that you won't need to turn on bright lights.

  • Try to have somewhere close to feed him, either in the nursery or a room close by.

  • Quiet lullaby music can help keep the whole scenario calmer.

  • If you need to change her during the night, do it after she's been fed and burped.

  • Keep a cuddly blanket close by. If he stays warm, he will be less likely to wake fully.

  • Purchase on of those little finger tooth brushes and gently rub her gums after night feedings. This will help prevent decay and also will help get her used to having her teeth done.

If you bottle feed, have everything ready to go.

  • The kettle filled and ready to plug in. (This will warm the bottle faster than tap water.)

  • If you have a thermos, you can fill it with boiled water before you go to bed and use that to warm the bottle as well. Quick and quiet!

  • A container to warm the bottle in. Be sure to use a safe container like a Pyrex measuring cup or bowl if you use the kettle.

  • Prepared bottles in the fridge.

  • Dish towel to dry with.

Do you have a nightime tip? Click here and send it in and we may add it here!

Sleep, Baby, Sleep
Nicolette Larson
"I know every word by heart." Kelly
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