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Do your children love to play on the computer? I know mine do. With so many places to go on the internet, it can sometimes be hard to find good, educational, fun and interesting places for your children. Below is a list of many places that I have found. I try to look around as much as possible to be sure that it is a safe place for our children. Remember to check things out yourself and keep an eye on what your children are doing. Always be sure to speak to your children about never giving out personal information and as much fun as they think it is, the chat rooms can be the most dangerous place for children. Here is another article with some great tips for parents when allowing their children to play online.

The star ratings are based on fun, educational value, ease of use and overall design of the site. The ratings do not necessarily reflect the amount of activities available.
You will only find top quality links here, so even if they don't rate 3 stars, they are still worth the visit!

very good

Age ratings are just estimates, the skill and/or computer knowledge level of your child will determine a lot of the individual options on the sites listed.

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Sometimes it is so hard to choose toys for our children. These are some of our favorites! Taken into consideration are creativity, learning, fun, value and of course durability! Suggestions come from real moms with babies, tots and youngsters!

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Home of Blues Clues, Dora, Little Bill, Oswald, Bob the Builder and more of your favorite NickJr characters. You will find games, stories, printables, music and more. A fun and educational place for young children.
NickJr also has a fabulous grown up area where you can find projects, recipes, party ideas and more to do with your children.
Age rating: 2-6 years

Playhouse Disney
With Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Stanley and more. Your kids are sure to find something of interest. The Disney site has a paid membership area as well. I didn't rate this site as a 3 star simply because a lot of the games are a little hard to figure out. The navigation is a little hard for a youngster to understand as well.
Age rating: 3-8 years

Rescue Heroes
Is your little Rescue Hero ready to play? The games can be a little hard to figure out, and being fisherprice, it is a little commercialized. For a diehard Rescue Heroes fan, that won't matter. You can also learn more about your favorite Rescue Heroes.
For parents you can find printables for parties, party games, coloring sheets and more.
Age rating: 4 years and up

If Barbie is one of the toys you always get at least one of on a birthday, then your little Barbie fan will LOVE this site! You can create your own Barbie doll, look after a baby, make music and so much more. Any little girl will be in Barbie heaven on this site. Be sure to set a time limit, I could spend hours here myself!

Age rating: 3 years and up

Blues Safety
Blues Clues and Ford Motor Company team up to help teach your child basic safety with a few little games. You can send away for a free activity book for your child as well.
Age rating: All ages can learn from these games, however they are made to cater to the younger children.

Oobi, Miffy, Tweenies, and Sesame. Simple games that you can play with your young child. Help with counting, letters and more. Story books with printables and puzzles. Home of the NOGGIN Doodle Pad and Play with Me Sesame. Loads of fun!
Age rating: preschool

PBS Kids
Caillou, Clifford, Dragon Tales, Barney and all your PBS friends live here. Games, stories, music and coloring are just the tip of the iceberg. Loads of neat things to find, keep searching around and you will find e-cards, craft activities and more.

Age rating: preschool

Geared towards the older children. Games, music and message boards will keep your youngster playing around until you say stop! This site has a registration and log in (not required for all), so be sure that your child knows what you allow and basic internet safety.
Age rating: 6 years and up

Home of Kids Domain, Funschool and Zeeks. Unbelievable fun. Activities, games, recipes, crafts, ecards and so much more. I could go on and on. This is one site that YOU have to visit. I can almost guarantee, if you visit once, you will be back!
They do have a message board and chat that requires log in.
Age rating: All ages

Useful Links:
A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety (FBI publication)
Privacy Playground, a CD-ROM game that teaches children how to protect their privacy on the Internet

Do your children have a favorite online place to play?

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