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September 29, 2023

Printable Baby Sitter Information Sheets

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As a parent of three, I have learned that peace of mind comes from the fact that you are prepared.

When you go out and leave your children in the care of a baby sitter, be sure that all important information is supplied.

Where you are going and how to reach you in an emergency, a cell or pager number if available and when you will be home should always be given. Emergency numbers can save precious time if the need should arise. If you have another family member, neighbor or close friend nearby, leave their names and numbers as well.

Other questions you should ask yourself:

Is my child on any medications?
Are there any food allergies?
Is your child allowed to watch television or play video games or computer? What and how much is allowed?
Does your child get a bedtime snack? If so, what is allowed?
What time is bedtime?
Are there any other parts of my children's routines that the baby sitter needs to be aware of?

Make a list to remind yourself of the information you need to verbally convey and fill out a baby sitter information sheet with all the information that the sitter should have written down.

Here are some sheets that you can print out.

Two on a page (for baby)
Two on a page (for children)
One on a page (for baby)
One on a page (for children)
The 'one on a page' leaves the other side blank for parents who may need more space for special instructions.
Text Only

This is not a complete list for leaving your children with a baby sitter, just some pointers about leaving written information. You know your child best and will know what is most important when leaving your child with someone else. A new baby sitter will also need more "filling in" than someone that is familiar with your child.

Start with the basics, add your special instructions and then go out knowing that your baby sitter has the information he or she needs to care for your children!

P.S. Don't be afraid to do what I do... Call home halfway through the night just to be sure that things are ok. Some people may roll their eyes or shake their heads, but if it helps you to enjoy your time out, go ahead and don't worry what they think!

The Ultimate Baby-Sitter's Handbook:
(So You Wanna Make Tons of Money)
by Debra Mostow Zakarin, Ruta Daugavietis (Illustrator), Kristin Lock
The American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Handbook
by Kathleen A. Handal (Contributor), Elizabeth H. Dole
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