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April 14, 2024

Birth Stories

Twins born on the way to the hospital... Dad's View


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When I turned 32 years old, my wife was 3 months pregnant with our second children, Yes! she was having twins! I've always heard horror stories about the labor room and was apprehensive about being there myself. On April 14, 2001, it was finally my turn. I must say that this is one of the more unusual stories that I know of.

It was Sunday afternoon and I was putting some finishing touches on the baby's room when my wife. Angel suddenly broke the news to me that she was in labor. I was excited and nervous all at once. She had been in mild labor for a couple of hours, but decided not to tell me right away because she knew that we would be in for a long haul and didn't want to get to the hospital too early.

I got my stopwatch and was ready to time the next contraction. The doctor had told us to leave for the hospital when the contractions were 4 to 5 minutes apart, since we had 30 miles to go. Terri's contractions were 7 minutes apart, so thinking that we had plenty of time, she took a quick shower. I got the car packed with the suitcase, the baby car seats, in the hopes to drop them off at the kennel on our way and also packed 6 large boxes to deliver to my customers in the morning.

Angel's contractions were getting more painful and closer together. It seemed like it took forever for her to get dressed, stopping during each contraction, which were now 2 minutes apart! We finally headed out the door at 2:05 p.m.

I think she had 3 contractions just walking to the car. As I drove down our bumpy dirt road, I needed to go slow, but at the same time wanted to hurry because I didn't want to deliver the babies myself. I asked Angel if we should stop to get the mail. After hearing her response, I knew that we were in trouble! I stepped on it and as I flew over the railroad tracks, her water broke. She told me to pull over right away because she was going to have the babies. I said, "We can't stop here, we need to get to the hospital. Just relax and breathe."

I proceeded to get onto the freeway, but I couldn't go much faster that 50mph because there was a lot of traffic . Angel was telling me to pull over, but I was sure that we could make it, even though we still had 29 miles to go. Suddenly, I heard a loud backfire. Thinking that something might be going wrong with the car, I pulled over at the next exit.

Fortunately, there is a police station at this exit and as I pulled into the parking lot, A policeman was walking towards his car. I jumped out of the car and yelled "My wife's having a baby!" He told me to lay her seat down and check to see how dilated she was, while he called 999. After I unloaded some of the boxes to make room, I checked her and yelled "Oh my God, she's a 10 !" I quickly unloaded the rest of the car, parked the car in the shade.

The next 20 minutes flew by as we were timing Angel's contractions, awaiting the arrival of the ambulance. Angel was still in the passenger's seat with the doors open. Suddenly, She yelled loudly that she could feel the first baby's head and she was ready to push , After 30 minutes pushing, our first baby Chan Man-long came out and arriving at 5:11 p.m.

I wrapped him up in a blanket and a minute later the ambulance drove up. Mommy and our son were moved into the ambulance and I began loading up the car. After 21 minutes, our second baby was born!

Submitted by: Chan Chi-on
April 30, 2001


Mothering Multiples : Breastfeeding & Caring for Twins or More
by Karen Kerkhoff Gromada

revised edition (July 1999)
La Leche League Intl

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