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July 18, 2024

Morning Sickness


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Morning sickness is known to affect over half of women during pregnancy and up to 90% of women. Some women can be affected mildly with only a slight feeling of nausea to women who have to be hospitalized due to lack of nutrition and fluids. Discuss your situation with your primary caregiver and they will help determine what remedies can be right for you. There are many natural solutions that work for some, and medications that your doctor may prescribe for you as well. Knowing that you are not the only one to suffer does not necessarily offer you any comfort physically, but it may help to know that other women understand that even dealing with regular life can become a challenge when you feel so awful.

From the information I could find, no one really knows the true cause of morning sickness. Perhaps the hormone progesterone may have something to do with it or the hCG hormone steroid. I know that what causes it doesn't matter to most who suffer from it, as much as finding some way to possibly relieve it.

Now, the main question... How can I ease this morning sickness? Not everything works for everyone, but sometimes, just sometimes, you can find something that helps ease the nausea for you. In my years on the net, going through my pregnancies and talking with many other moms and moms-to-be, I have found that it is very, very different for everyone. From how bad it is, to what helps or doesn't help. Here are a few general suggestions.

Eat crackers before getting out of bed each morning. 
Drink ginger ale or eat ginger snaps.
Eat smaller meals more often during the day. 
While nauseated, steer clear of greasy or fried foods, spices, heavy foods, high-fat foods and gassy foods.
Suckers or hard candy may help sometimes.
Salty and Sour foods eaten at the same time may help.
Wrist bands used for motion sickness.

When morning sickness begins to get worse than just your regular nausea and occasional vomiting, and it interferes with you ability to eat and/or drink, there is a chance that you can become dehydrated or begin to lack nutrients necessary for both your health and your baby's. If this is a concern for you, call and visit your doctor immediately. In serious cases or morning sickness, your doctor may need to hospitalize you or prescribe medication to help relieve the nausea.

Stuff to do:

Read Morning Sickness Stories
"My first 8 weeks were great, no nausea, no vomiting. Then MS began."
"I hated going to work b/c no one there acted like they cared. I would come home and cry."
Try a Morning Sickness Smoothie
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No More Morning Sickness : A Survival Guide for Pregnant Women
by Mariam Erick MSRD

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