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June 14, 2024

Morning Sickness

Kellie's Story


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While pregnant with my son, I had the worst pregnancy, especially in terms of morning sickness. My first 8 weeks were great, no nausea, no vomiting. Then MS began. It started with just mornings, then brushing teeth, and grew, much like my baby inside. By the time I was ~5 months, I had an especially bad bout of morning sickness that I was hospitalized for 5 days to make received IV fluids and medications. During this hospitalization, I actually vomited so hard I had burst blood vessels in both of my eyes!! From that point on, I was taking medication to keep the nausea and vomiting at bay until well after my son was born. My spouse would joke about knowing when I was up in the morning (I could be heard puking in the shower), to how adept I became at driving, pulling over onto a shoulder on the road, opening the door and puking outside the car without having to get my seatbelt off. A good day consisted of one in which I hadn't thrown up every meal. I did learn little tricks of the trade (take the meds on a regular schedule, instead of waiting for the nausea and that pressure points really do help when there is nothing else you can do but upchuck!). I wouldn't do anything differently from my pregnancy, but I can tell you, that morning sickness was more like the all-enduring pregnancy sickness, and that any pregnancy glow women speak of, would have to be described as a "Green Glow" for this mom!


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"My first 8 weeks were great, no nausea, no vomiting. Then MS began."
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No More Morning Sickness : A Survival Guide for Pregnant Women
by Mariam Erick MSRD

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