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April 14, 2024

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Several weeks ago, I had a dream that I was in my bathroom, calling my husband to come help me because the baby was coming NOW! I told my midwife about it; I had never had such a dream before, with any of my other ones. We both knew that if such a thing were to happen, Tony was perfectly capable of helping me deliver- he's been there for all of them, hands-on and very involved with their deliveries. WELL- last Friday night, I *knew* something was up- told Tony about it but also told him that I was going to go ahead on to bed- if it kept me awake, then fine, but I wasn't going to keep myself awake, knowing how much energy it takes just to *try* to promote labor when it's not actually time. I slept normally, all night (well, except for those famous potty breaks!). Woke up at 5:00 and throughout the 5:00 hour I had contractions about 10 to 8 minutes apart. Went to the bathroom shortly before 6 and had about 3 while I was in there- got back in bed telling him "We're going to have a baby today". He said "OK, good." and didn't move. Had another one, then another one 3 minutes later and told him to go call the midwife. I got to the phone (all the way across the house) and talked to her, having to pause for another one. She said she was on her way. I called our friends who were going to watch the kids for us- Tony had to finish talking to her, then call the other one. I told him to have them come get the kids rather than his taking them after the midwife arrived. Good thing!

Our friend arrived within a half an hour (by now it was about 7:00 or so). Tony, meanwhile, had started getting the birthing pool set up in the living room. It seems that as soon as it was set up, Sam (the friend) arrived to get the kids. I was in the bathroom and heard my oldest hollering for the others to get up and get their shoes on. Then it got quiet- I assumed that they were gone. Suddenly- it happened. My dream came true! There I was, in my bathroom, hollering as loud as I could for Tony because the baby was coming- NOW! He came running, saying that he couldn't help me (I guess he thought that I was hollering because I was hurting). I told him yes he could, he could help me get to the pool. We made it to the pool- barely. Just as I was about to step in, my water broke- all over the carpet! I hurried and knelt in the pool with my hands on the floor outside and pushed the baby out in three pushes- Tony caught him. It was amazing! Then, as I sat down and took the baby, he wondered out loud if Sam was still here. He popped his head out the door, and sure enough, there they all were, Mr. Sam and our little Sammy still outside waiting for the others to get buckled. Tony yelled, "Hey, Sam, I just caught my boy!". Then he came back in to call the midwife and tell her. Jon was born at 7:18- just under 2 1/2 hours after I woke up that morning.

Cool, huh? The Lord was so gracious to me throughout the whole pregnancy, and the birth was literally a breeze. I cannot praise Him enough for His timing and grace. Jon is a beautiful little guy- he weighed 8 lbs., 12 oz. He is so peaceful. All the other kids love him- including little Becky, the *ousted* baby of 19 months. She dances over to my chair when she sees me coming with him and pats the chair, telling me to sit down because she wants to pet his little head. It is a blessing for there to be no jealousy.

Well, that's our story. Hope you enjoyed it! :-) God bless you and your family- and remember to keep looking to Him, for all of your needs and desires!

in Him,
Renee Houston, Mom to the Seven from Heaven: Tim, Meg, Deb, Seth, Sam, Becky, and little Jon, 8 days old.
a.k.a *InkMom*
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Submitted: October 9, 2001


Special Delivery
by Rahima, Baldwin

For parents-to-be who are considering home birth, Special Delivery is an excellent resource. Written by midwife Rahima Baldwin Dancy in the '70s and updated in 1986, this book covers the benefits of home births; gives details on how to have a home birth, including pregnancy preparations; and coaches participants on specific ways they can help the mother. The easy-to-comprehend-in-the-middle-of-a-crisis details on what can go wrong, what to do, and when to bring the mother to the hospital are outstanding. The flavor and photographs of Special Delivery are a bit outdated, but the information is still vital and very helpful.

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