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Pregnancy and Parenting

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Confessions of a Mother

February 1, 2001

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Sometimes it is so hard to choose toys for our children. These are some of our favorites! Taken into consideration are creativity, learning, fun, value and of course durability! Suggestions come from real moms with babies, tots and youngsters!

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I sleep wrapped up like a burrito! I use to sleep with "my puppy" until about 4 years ago when my oldest wanted to sleep with him. It was so hard but I managed to give him up. I did take "puppy" with me though to every birth and when I just had my surgery. I had to "borrow" him. :o)

When I feel really lazy on Sat mornings I give my kids a baggie of cereal and send them to watch Cartoon Network.

Some nights I can't wait for them to go to bed so I can play Play Station! :o) I love Spyro.

I tell my kids I'm "working" when I'm just reading club stuff and email! Bad Mommy!

Y'all think it's bad that you have dressed your boys in girls clothes? Well here's one. Way back when I only had 2. We only had one car. I ran out of diapers. With no way to get anymore...I took one of those plastic lined diaper covers with the Velcro closures and lined it with maxi pads!!! :o) Hey you gotta do what ya gotta do!

I loved being pregnant and even giving birth!

Sometimes late at night I sit and watch my kids sleep and it makes me cry. I look at there tiny bodies. I think of when they were growing inside me, the first time I held them. I worry about the outside world and how they will be treated. I think about how great their first love will feel and how it will also break their heart. I pray they will be good people and live a long life as I couldn't imagine ever losing one of them. I hope that I can give them what they need and want but be strong enough so that they can do things for themselves. Then I thank God for loaning them to me to take care of. I kiss their sweet little faces and go to bed.

A Beautiful Soul

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