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Pregnancy and Parenting

Ideas for a Memorable Father's Day

by Robin Nobles

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This Father's Day, why not make it extra special for your dad? Make it easy for him to do exactly what he wants to do all day long. Go fishing with him! Let him pick a favorite movie, then watch it with him. Fix his favorite meal. Let's see what other ideas we can find from the Internet. has a section devoted to dads, where you can learn the history of Father's Day, or you can find instructions for making wind chimes or clothespin magnets. In the Other Links section, you'll also discover links to other sites that offer craft or recipe ideas for Father's Day.

At the Kid's Exchange area of, you can print out a coupon for your dad, such as a coupon that's good for one vehicle cleaning or one day of fishing. Or, print out a World's Greatest Dad certificate, or make Dad a special craft, like a Dad's Survival Kit, Dad's Trophy, or a Business Card Holder.

Visit Billy Bear's Happy Father's Day site for some neat craft ideas just for Dad. Make Dad something that he's always wanted: a virtual tie, or download a free tie screen saver. Your kids will love the wide assortment of craft ideas that they can make for their father, such as Father's Day stationery, a Promise Booklet, or a Photo House showcasing pictures of family members. This site will keep your kids occupied for hours.

Why not send your dad a free Internet greeting card from Lollipop Cards? Choose from themes such as fix it, fishing, for new dads, for super dads, and more.

Fix your dad a delicious home cooked meal in less than 20 minutes by visiting Father's Day Recipes at How do you think your dad would like Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Garlic Mashed Potatoes?

For more recipe ideas, visit the Father's Day Favorites' site.

Point your dad to the Dads' Today site, where he'll find cover stories such as whether you should allow your child to sleep in your bed, or expert questions and answers. Your dad can visit the message boards in categories such as Single Dads, Dads Talk, or any of over 350 forums in topics related to parenting. The site also features resources for dads-to-be.

Finally, for an impressive listing of links for Father's day, visit the Holiday Homepages. You'll discover quotes, stories, greeting cards, virtual gifts, gift ideas, recipes, and more.


This article was written by Robin Nobles, a professional freelance writer and the Director of Training at the Academy of Web Specialists ( Over the past few years, she has trained over 1000 people in her online and onsite courses in search engine positioning strategies and has written three books that can be ordered through Amazon. Visit the Academy's training Web site to learn more about their online courses: Or, visit Robin's personal Web site at



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