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After your child is tucked into bed, you sit quietly and reflect on the past...

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We never went out every weekend, we didn't really go to parties, we loved to stay at home and maybe rent a video and make popcorn for fun, but who would have thought life could change so much.

We planned this out. First we wanted our house and then when we were settled, we would begin our family. It didn't happen as fast as we would have liked, but one fine day, the pregnancy test came back positive. We were going to have a baby!
Would it be a boy or a girl? Blue eyed or brown? Tall or short? Would he be a lawyer? A doctor? Would she be a scientist? A writer? So many plans went through our minds. Where to go to school? Swimming lessons? What would we buy for baby's first Christmas? Your mind begins to reel. There are nine months to plan for this baby and a lifetime to fulfill those plans.
The time came near, only a week left before my due date. Now planning became more urgent and immediate. Things like college were replaced with things like diapers and sleepers. The nursery was ready, the itty bitty clothes were washed and placed in the dresser, my back was packed for the hospital and still I worried that something wasn't going to be ready. Boy, was I right...
How on earth can you be ready for what is about to change your life forever!?
My due date arrived and can you believe it?! My water broke that morning. Here we go... Nineteen hours later, our little boy was born. So tiny and perfect... and ours. We had a baby. So hard to believe that I was holding this little miracle of life in my arms. He was so precious, so beautiful. His little tiny fingers and that little button nose, just captured my heart the instant they held him up. I tried so hard not to cry, I didn't want the tears to blur my vision, but here they come, tears of joy, wonderment, happiness, fear, amazement and pure bliss.
When we got home with him, I think I was still in a daze. I was a mommy. I was really a mommy. This little baby's life was completely dependant on me right now. I feed, clothe, change, love and cuddle him, savoring every moment so I will never forget this feeling as long as I live. I play my favorite lullabies and cuddle him to sleep, all in a world of my own.
Now that he is older, I am so glad that I can reflect on those times. I make reflection times every day, so that when he is ten, or fourteen, or fourty-two, I can look back and remember fondly, with a smile on my face, that warm, loving feeling of times gone by.

I encourage everyone to make reflection times. As a baby, you can remember the cuddles, the smiles, all those firsts. As growing children, remember the fun, the hugs and the closeness in sharing. All it takes is a second to pause and say to yourself, "I never want to forget this moment."

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