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I didn't realize how much parenting would bring out the animal in me. More and more everyday I remind myself of some wild (or even domestic) animal. This obviously is unexpected to find similarities between me and the wildlife hanging on our walls, but yes it is true.

I must say that the one animal I remind myself most of is a big bear. Right now I'm a acting as a big brown bear who's just been awoke from a long winter's nap. GRRRR! It's bedtime and that's always when I'm the grouchiest. Just ask my kids, they can  testify to that!

But I also like to give great big bear hugs, so I guess that  would be a good trait to have similar to a bear right?

And there are days when I feel just like a mother hen. Especially days when my kids are around other children at play dates or school. I can feel my protective feathers getting ruffled each time a toy is taken away or not shared with one of my children, or when my  toddler gets a little push or shove from one of her peers. It  makes me want to just go peck the little tyke right on the head!

Of course there are days when my kids are so cute and funny that I find myself laughing like a hyena. They can say something so innocently, yet I will find myself in fits of laughter.

Everyday I'm as busy as a beaver. Dressing kids, feeding kids, combing kids hair, getting gum out of kids' hair, cleaning kids' messes. You know, just the usual everyday mom stuff.

Often times I wish I had the memory of an elephant. I forget my  purse in the cart at Wal-Mart, forget snack day for my daughter's pre-school, forget the diaper bag in a motel 300 miles away from home. Worse yet is realizing it's naptime and my daughter's favorite blankie is in Grandma's car thirty miles from home.

I've also turned into quite the night owl now that I've become a mom. I've never been an early bird, (and probably won't) so to enjoy the quiet peaceful times when kids are asleep I like to  stay up late. It is then that I like to watch a good movie,  catch up on my scrapbooks or read a book.

My husband is also surprised, but not amused by my animalistic qualities. I think he's a little tired of sleeping with ten piggies and two furry calves!

©Shannon Jarvies

About the author:
Shannon Jarvies is a WAHM with four wonderful kids and a great husband. She is also "webmom" to a site that brings moms together to learn, laugh and enjoy. Visit PLUS-she's finally discovered a way to supplement her husband's income while being at home with her kids (without investing any money)!She'll share her secret at or contact her at


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