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Family time...

It's something not all of us have anymore but something we desperately need.  It's simple really, if you think about it.  To make a child happy, all you need to do is give them a little time and caring.  That's true for a child of any age.   There's so much a family can do together, and contrary to popular belief, it doesn't have to cost an arm an a leg!  Use your imagination to create your own family fun day tradition.  For ideas, some phone books list local activities by season in the white pages.  Your local TV news or news paper might tell of activities in your area.  Here are some ideas just to get your creative juices flowing!


Parks - Typically most parks are free.  Some of the bigger city or county run parks have grills and picnic areas.  However, some parks built on or near lakes or ponds may have paddle boating or canoeing.  That can be done for around $20 in some areas.  (Check your local Parks and Recreation for more information.)

Museums - Some larger towns and cities, and some small ones, too, have museums.  A lot of times a family can visit a museum for free... what a beautiful word!  Museums like donations, though.  That helps them maintain a healthy learning environment for everyone. 

Ball games - if you have a minor league ball team in your town, take advantage of the low cost of enjoying a cool night out with the sports fans in your family.   "Peanuts and Cracker Jacks"...  what could be better?   

But...  family time doesn't always mean you have to pack up and leave home.  Get imaginative.  Make yard work a family fun time.  Leaf books and bug hunts are fun as well as educational.  Create a family night where everyone relaxes.  Order take out, rent movies and pick out everyone's favorite games to play. 
In short, we all need our families and the time we have together. 

Take time and enjoy what you have. .  .

Amy H.

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