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"Patriotic Crafts For Kids"

By: Brandie Valenzuela


Everyone, young and old, is showing their patriotism in the United States right now. While driving around my local town today, I saw endless cars and homes with the US flag proudly displayed. On several street corners, veterans and others stood and waved their flag as everyone passed by.

I noticed is that local stores are selling out of our most favorite patriotic symbol. It has never been as hard to find a simple US flag as it is now. However, I have thought today of several ways that we as parents can bring an enjoyable activity to our children, while also allowing them to show their pride in America.

~Beaded Necklace & Bracelets~
Using any type of bead (bigger beads work better for young children), have your child string red, white, and blue beads on a piece of string, ribbon, or yarn. Tie into a circle and instantly your child has a wonderful necklace or bracelet to wear.

~Friendship Bracelets~
When I was a teen, I would make friendship bracelets in every color combination imaginable. If you have a older child, this is a perfect activity for them. Visit your local craft store or Wal-Mart and purchase embroidery floss in red, white, and blue. Not sure how to create a friendship bracelet?
The web is full of resources -- here is just a few places you can find "how to's":

~4th of July Flag for Preschoolers~
This is a perfect art project for preschool aged children.  The key is to allow them to place their stripes and stars where ever they wish, but you may want to let them see a sample flag if they ask.
Give each child one piece of white construction paper and have them place it sideways on the table.  Then give each child several strips of red paper, one blue square, and several star stickers.  Have each child glue down the strips, blue square and stars however they wish, creating their own version of the US flag. 

"Red, White, and Blue Car Wheel Painting"
Put a dollop of red, white, and blue paint on a piece of thick paper and allow your child to run "Hot Wheel" type cars through the paint creating a variety of patriotic wheel tracks.

Want more patriotic craft ideas? Just visit these great websites:
"Making Friends Patriotic Crafts"
"Easy Patriotic Flag Craft"
"Handcrafters Village"
"USA Crafts"
"Kid's Domain Craft Exchange"

©2001 - Brandie Valenzuela

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About the Author:
Brandie is a wife and homeschooling mom to three children, who also works fulltime from her home designing custom scrapbook albums and teaching scrapbook classes. For more information, visit:

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