Painting pictures can be messy but Oh So much fun! Here are a few tips to make cleanups easier!

- Use empty egg cartons as little cups for the paint. Cut the bottom into two or three sections and fill each cup with a different color. Use the top half of the carton to hold brushes.

- Use an old shirt for a painting smock. Be sure that it isn't too long. Trim the bottom of the shirt off for those toddlers so they don't trip.

- If you can, get an easel! This, I have found, is the greatest thing going! It keeps the child's painting eye level, the elbows and forearms stay cleaner and they just tend to think it's so COOL!

- If you have a playroom or a rec. room where this is possible, mount a ½ sheet of corkboard on the wall. Tack the paper up for painting. The paint that hits the corkboard will make an interesting conversation piece for visitors!

- Place old newspaper on the floor in the painting area.

- Hang out with your child and paint with them! This keeps more paint on the picture and less all over!

- In the summer, set up the paint station out side.

- Paint right before bath time!


Another environmentally friendly activity!

Double Easel by Little Tikes

24 months - 6 years
Product Review -
Just like any great artist, your little one should be prepared for that moment when creative inspiration arrives. Featuring a large chalkboard on one side and a blank pad of paper on the other, this Double Easel will ensure that your pintsize Van Gogh can capture a moment of inspiration before it passes. The Double Easel is made of durable plastic and comes with wide trays on both sides for storing art supplies (not included), as well as a large piece of chalk and an eraser (included). A large plastic clamp on one side of the easel holds down a 50-sheet pad of paper (included), and the two storage trays are removable for easy cleanup. Designed for use by one or two children at a time, the Double Easel folds together for compact storage. Measures 43.5 inches tall. --Chris Burns

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