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Raking leaves can be more fun than you could ever imagine! My 3 year old spent over two hours playing in the leaves that our wonderful, one hundred foot elms provided for us. 
For a couple of dollars, you can find small children's size play rakes at most stores like Wal-Mart or Zellers. For a few more dollars at your local hardware store, you might find a smaller wood and metal version of a grown up rake!

Here's how our afternoon went.
I raked the leaves into a pile, my son raked them down.
I raked them into a pile, he raked them down.
I raked them into a pile, and he jumped in them.
I raked them over him, he jumped out!
I think you get the idea. When it came time to bag the leaves, he graciously helped carry armfuls of leaves to me, and dropped them on the ground beside the bag! We went in the house for a minute and I grabbed an empty box and we went back outside. Now, he could really help with the clean up! Armful after armful of leaves were thrown in that box, while mom had a chance to get the bags filled.

Getting the job done and having fun at the same time. These are the moments that make memories!

Remember to take your leaves to a local recycling drop off site if you have one, or maybe even a compost box in your own back yard!


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