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"Got Extra Photos? Here's What To Do!"

By: Brandie Valenzuela


Can you easily take one or more rolls of film per week? Do you find your self taking several rolls of film at just one special occasion? If this is you, then you quite possibly have many snapshots that you may never use. There is also cases of some may be out of focus, others might not be centered, even still more might make you scream with horror at the thought of using them in your scrapbook. Maybe you bought triple prints and have no use for that second or third photo. So just what do you do with all these extra photos? The answer is simple I will say and I am going to help you with those photo piles with some ideas you might just love!

1) Have a child in your life? If so, give your extra photos to her and let her scrap away! All children from preschoolage to your oldest teenagers wouldn't mind having your discarded photos, and giving your photos to them is an excellent way to get them started in preserving family memories.

2) Cut your photos up and make a photo mosaic! Many scrappers have a hard time cutting up their most prized photos for techniques such as a mosaic, so if this applies to you, you may want to try out this idea with your extra photos. To learn about creating a photo mosaic visit: CLICK HERE

3) Some scrappers will say that there is no such thing as "extra photos", because you can always think of a way to include miscellaneous ones in a layout. One great way to include lots of different photos into a layout is to have a common theme for theme. For example, if you have lots of snapshots of your toddler smiling, make a layout titled 
"Miles of Smiles", or something similar, to include all the photos of him smiling at the camera. Rhonda at suggests titles like: "Just Say Cheese", "Bad Hair Days", "The Many Faces of _______(the name being the name of the subject in the photos I've chosen). By doing this kind of layout, you are sure to use up all of those "everyday" type photos.

4) Create a photo collage. When you have photos that you would hate to get rid of, but also have no clue on how to create a layout with them, create a photo collage. Photo collages can be created by silhouetting each photo and then gluing the photos down with their edges overlapping slightly. To see directions and an example of creating a "Pooh Bear Photo Collage", visit: CLICK HERE

5) Give 'em away! No, not to just anyone, but consider sending grandma and grandpa, or the aunts and uncles those snapshots that you just can't find a use for. Imagine the smiles when they get a surprise package from you featuring snapshots of the family.

6) If you find yourself with a larger than average stack of extra photos, consider making albums for gifts for those loved ones in your life.

7) Lynne, an avid scrapper, suggests putting extra acid-free photo sleeves in our scrapbook album to hold those extra photos from events you just don't want to actually place in your layouts. You can place the sleeve full of photographs right behind the layouts, so that they can be easily viewed.

8) ABC albums are a wonderful way to use your extras, and you can make them to fit just about any theme. To find out more about creating your own ABC albums, visit:

9) Keep a basket or attractive box full of those extra photos for guests to thumb through while they are visiting, and encourage them to take home any they like.

10) If you are creating a great layout, but have some extra photos of your special occasion or outing that just don't fit, consider using the photographs to create titles. Using your favorite template, turn your temple over and the photos over and trace the letters you need on the back. Using sharp scissors, cut out each letter and use them to create your title for your page.

About the Author:
Brandie is a wife and homeschooling mom to three children, who also works fulltime from her home designing custom scrapbook albums and teaching scrapbook classes. For more information, visit:

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