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"Pockets Full Of Memories: How to create a pocket page!"


By: Brandie Valenzuela

When the art of scrapbooking started many years ago, scrapbook's were just was their name implied:  book of scraps.  The scraps contained in these books were much more like scraps of a person's life.  Little bits and pieces of where they had been and what they had done.

Just like our ancestors, we each save mementos and memorabilia that means much to us.  We save these items because we know that years down the road, we are going to wish we had them to tell the tale of our life.  But often times, we can save so much, that we are unsure of what to do with it all!  It starts to become increasingly hard to include every bit and piece in our layouts!

One option that scrappers have found is creating pocket pages.  Pocket pages are simply that - a pocket that you create on a page in your album.  The pocket is designed to match your layout and then you have a place to put all those birthday cards or vacation maps and brochures.

There are many variations for creating a pocket page.  I would like to share with you the basics, so that you may be able to adapt them to you own style.

First, you will need two pieces of paper or cardstock, which are the same width.  Of course, if you have been working on a birthday layout, for example, you are going to want your pocket page to match the colors and patterns in it, so be sure to keep this in mind.  One piece of paper will be used for the "background" and the other piece of paper will but cut in half, and will be used to create the pocket.

At this point, you will want to decorate your pocket and background page any way you wish.  You can use stickers, diecuts, paper piecing, or even creative lettering.  The possibilities are endless!  After your two pieces are embellished the way you desire, you will need to attach your "pocket" to the background. Remember, when gluing your pocket to the page, you will want to leave the top open and only glue the sides and bottom to your "background" piece.

After your pocket page is complete, you are now ready to place it in your album and fill it with your memories!

If you would like some more ideas on creating your own pocket pages, visit:
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©2001 Brandie Valenzuela

About the Author:
Brandie is a wife and homeschooling mom to three children, who also works fulltime from her home designing custom scrapbook albums and teaching scrapbook classes. For more information, visit:

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